Steal Emma's Style

Emma Stone may be known for her dramatic role in The Help and The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, but this natural blonde turned redhead has also turned some heads with her innate beauty. She’d gone from red ringlets to flaxen sleekness with believability and absolute ease, making her a style icon in her own right.

Here are some of her most recent hairstyles and how to steal her style…

Subtle wave and a side bang give this long hairstyle a casual feel.

Get The Look: Apply curl-enhancing mousse on damp hair and then create two loose three strand braids. Secure the ends with elastic bands. All how hair to dry completely and then undo braids. Mist with spray wax and finger style hair into place.

This smooth shoulder length hairstyle offers pushed-over fringe and a side part.

To get the look, apply smoothing serum mixed with shine serum on damp hair. Blow dry sections with a round brush. Run a flat iron over the length as needed. Create a side part and push bangs to one side. Add a few drops of shine serum on your palms and lightly smooth the surface of your hair into place.

Voluptuous bends and a deep side part give this hairstyle serious sex appeal.

Get The Look: Add volumizing mousse on damp hair and then blow dry sections with a large round brush. Pull up on sections on top to create lift and volume. Mist large sections with working spray and then wrap around a large iron. Curl the front away from your face and then alternate curl direction in the back. Tousle hair to break up the sections, create a side part and push your bangs to one side. Mist with finishing spray for all-day hold.

Emma's classic French Twist is accented with a deep side part and swoopy fringe.

Get The Look: Start with smooth dry hair. Create a side part and then tease hair at the root just at the crown. Smooth hair with a soft bristle brush as you gather it all in back. Starting slightly off to one side, roll hair vertically starting with the ends and ending when the roll is snug against the back of your head. Pin into place and then mist with finishing spray.

Bitten bangs and rolled under length give the lob bob a playful appeal.

Get The Look: Apply styling foam on damp hair and blow dry with a round brush. Roll the brush several times to direct the ends under. Switch to a vent brush while drying the bangs. Run a small amount of styling paste through hair to add control and then mist with hair spray to finish.

Worn with soft, beachy waves, Emma’s A-Line bob features a middle part and pieced-out ends.

Get The Look: Mist small sections of dry hair with working spray. Hold onto the ends and wrap the midsection of your hair length loosely around a curling wand. Hold in place a few seconds to set the curl and then release. Continue with each section, alternating curl direction until all hair is curled. Rake your fingers through your hair to break up the sections. Mist with spray wax and finger-style hair into place. Pinch and twist the ends for a piecey finish.

Photo Credits: S Buckley (first three hairstyles), Featureflash, Phil Stafford & Jaguar PS for