Smokey Hue Debut

Alert the media! Smokey hues are the next big thing in haircolor.

We’ve already started to see hints of the trend. The one thing these new shades all have in common: A muted or gray-ish quality. Hilary Duff mixed gray and pink for her most recent signature look while Kelly Osbourne’s lilac shade has always rocked a silvery quality. The roots of Rita Ora’s formerly dusty pink locks and when Nicole Richie deepened her purple locks to a dark teal, smokey blue streaks gave it a new dimension.

The trend is even seeping into everyday color with silvery shimmers through lighter tones and muted gray lowlights for others. That’s where Taylor Swift gets her inspiration for her latest shade of pretty. It a soft and slightly dimensional blonde with very subtle hints of gray-ish blonde to add coolness, and well, cool-ness.