Kira had very long, naturally brown hair with overgrown layers and out of control bangs.  To update her style The Teals created a dramatic look with bold blond shades in front and a series of rich chocolates everywhere else.  To fit the color, a very blunt bang was added and then shattered out layers were applied in the front. The end result is a mud flap sort of feel with roundness on top and scooped into panels that swoop inward to hug her face.

To complete the style, The Teals used Jet Boy Jet Girl Slick Boy pomade over the surface to smooth down any flyaways. System Control was misted over the surface for hold and a dab of Clay Boy was used to piece the ends just slightly.

Hair: The Teals

Capello Salons- Portland, OR

Makeup: Lindsey Avenetti

Wardrobe: Elianna Bar-El & Leanne Marshall

Photo: Taggart Winterhalter for Purely Visual