Shadow Play

Making the most of purposely-placed highs and lows, the talented team at Salon Kavi in San Mateo, California proudly unveils luminous trends in time for the new season. The collection involves uniquely color-fused coifs with a hint of modern movement for lengths ranging from pixie-chic to long and lavish. See if you can sizzle in one of these must-have looks for spring.

Shadow Play

(Left): This cham-peachy blonde sombre flaunts a natural ash root for depth and dimension. (Cham peachy = champagne + peach). Surface layering provides movement to fine hair for this flirty, one-length bob, or wavy bob / wob, as it's sometimes called.

Get the Look: Starting on damp hair, apply Oribe Grandiose all over with Volumista on the roots. Blow dry with a vent brush to achieve volume on the crown. Mist sections of dry hair with Soft Lacquer working spray and then while leaving the ends out, curl with a wand, alternating curl direction from section to section. Once all sections are curled, tousle and mist with Thick Dry finishing spray.

Hair Cut / Style: Karla Pelaez-Barrick • Color: Victoria Pelaez • Makeup: Karla Pelaez-Barrick 

(Right): Reflective slate grey roots melt into a light gunmetal blonde for this transitional midlength hairstyle. While growing out a pixie, this bob can bevery versatile and  worn a number of ways.

Get the Look: For a soft, flared back look, apply Oribe Maximista all over before rough drying the hair to remove the moisture. Mist 1.5-inch sections with Soft Lacquer and loosely curl with a ¾-inch iron, leaving a hint of movement throughout. (Optional) Pin the back up to give a slight A-line quality.

Hair Cut / Style: Karla Pelaez-Barrick • Color: Victoria Pelaez • Makeup: Klaudia Mayer
Shadow Play

(Left): This choppy, razor cut A-line bob offers a golden honey blonde hue with baby pink highlights. 

Get the Look: Apply Oribe Grandiose all over and roughdry to remove most of the moisture and then add Maximista from the roots to ends in the crown. Work in one drop of Gold Lust and continue blow-drying with a round brush.

Hair: Piera Rivasplata • Makeup: Klaudia Mayer

(Right) A bold blend of cayenne and paprika, this naturally curly mid length style involves a tucked under, faux bob.

Get the Look: Apply Oribe Super Shine Light and rough dry. Mist large sections of dry hair with Impermeable and apply a wave iron, working down the section. Continue until all sections are done and then break up sections with your fingers, twist random sections and pin up into a faux bob. Mist with Après Beach to finish.

Shadow Play(Left): This shaded root sombre has a fusion of soft peachy and agave nectar tones. Barely-there layers add subtle movement with this versatile length.

Get the Look: Apply a quarter-size of Oribe Gel Serum from the mid shafts to the ends on damp hair. Blow-dry in for hold and flexibility using a paddle brush.

Hair: Samira Bakhtiary • Makeup: Brianna Clemmons

(Right): A shimmering silver ice blonde with accents of metallic blush pink, this short, heavily texturized hairstyle is graduated up the back where the head rounds and becomes longer towards the front.

Get the Look: Apply Oribe Volumista on damp hair at the root and ends, rough dry with hands lifting at the root for volume and then apply Surf Comber mousse on dry hair scrunching all over to add volume and movement.

Cut / Style: Karla Pelaez-Barrick • Color: Victoria Pelaez • Makeup: Victoria Pelaez