Valerie’s hair was a basic mid length. It was all grown out with no shape or defined style. Her color was very flat with a one-dimensional dark brown.

Stylist Kaytee Varchetto started Valerie’s style transformation by cutting a classic A-line shape with exaggerated length in front.  She applied soft side bangs and then went back in and modernized the look by texturizing all over. This added movement to her hair and would help to unlock the versatility of the cut.

Next Kaytee applied the color. She started with a brown, copper-red base then added chunky golden highlights to accent the roundness of the cut.

For a sleek style, PON International Elevate was worked in at the root and then Turn it up styling spray was misted over the surface to help add lift and volume to her fine hair. Two-inch sections were blow-dried at a time using a round brush, lifting up at the root for volume. Once dry Ponder Powder was sprinkled on at the root for added texture. A dab of Pon Du soy paste was used to twist piece-y bits on the ends.

This cut can also be worn with a slight feather outward around the face. Just smooth a flat iron along the edge and roll it slightly to add a slight flair.

To spice up her texture, Kaytee misted KMS Curl Up hot spiral spray all over and then wrapped medium sized sections around a ¾-inch Enzo iron. A spritz of PON International Da flex provides the right amount of hold while Du da du paste was dabbed on her fingertips and twisted through the ends.