Andrea had long, shaggy strands with a faded red brown color and several inches of black re-growth. 

Stylist Mary Jane Hirsch started her new look with the color.  She did some paneling around the perimeter of Andrea’s face and through the fringe where she added red hints in the cool range and a splash of golden beige. These subtle tones added soft contrast through her new deep brown base.

For the haircut, Mary Jane removed several inches of grown out length and then added shaggy layers with a razor. These layers frame her face and blend seamlessly into fun, choppy bangs.

PON International Müssy was worked in all over with extra in the crown and fringe area. Turn it up styling spray was then misted over the surface before rough drying with just her fingers to remove about 70% of the moisture. A round brush was introduced while blow-drying to finish off the look. Two-inch sections were dried at a time while lifting at the root and rolling several times through the ends for volume. A flat iron was then smoothed over the surface for added control, bending the tips in slightly to frame her face and define the layers. Ponder Powder was sprinkled in at the root to add even more texture.