Musical Muses

The foundation of music was clearly instrumental for this collection of classically inspired looks. To achieve the vision, Chicago-based hair artist Tracy Guthrie Vastag developed the concept taking creative inspiration from design elements found within musical instruments.

Musical Muses - French HornMusical Muse 1:
 The Wind Section The French horn offers a brassy boldness with a robust series of swoops that phase into coils, keys and intertwining loops. This rounded quality is introduced into the hair as an orb-like foundation that swirls around and blends back into itself. The luster on the surface of the hair also catches the light and simulates the reflective qualities of the metal.

To create this sweeping outline, Tracy prepared the model’s ultra-long, straight hair by blow-drying it smooth with Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide. Using Redken Workforce 23 working spray, she directed all of the hair up into a ponytail on top of the head. A cuff-shaped prosthetic was pinned into place around the base of the ponytail and then she covered the prosthetic by taking the length and swooping the hair around while pinning everything into place. More Workforce 23 was applied over the finished surface to allow long-lasting hold.

Musical Muse 2: On a Grand Scale The strings of a piano miMusical Muses - Stringsmic a harp-like feel and translate into hair terms as internal texture or movement. In contrast, the robust curvature of the baby grand’s shape offers an advanced lesson in rounded dynamics.

For this sleek outline with an internal tapestry of texture, Tracy started with clean dry hair then created a very elegant and offset asymmetry. Redken Real Control Thermal Resist Heat Mist was applied to the model’s straight, dry hair, which removed the frizz and added shine while imparting a slight tooth to work with later. Next she took an extra-large curling iron (AKA bumper iron) and bent one-inch sections all over pinning each section up to cool. This process was done to add movement and shine. After undoing the pins, Tracy brushed through the hair to initiate a smooth surface. Large panels of hair were directed back into a chignon off to one side and then more panels were inter-twinned, smoothed over and pinned into place.

Musical Muses - Violin

Musical Muse 3:
 Serious Strings The outline of the violin emulates a thoroughly feminine silhouette while the wandering curl that coils so tightly on the neck of the instrument is a clear reference to hair. The delicate strings and straightness of the bow add contrast to the roundness or curvature elsewhere else.

To create a soft wave through the front and loops in back, Tracy smoothed the model’s naturally curly hair using a Denman brush along with Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide. Using a bumper iron, she took two-inch sections and created a series of pin curls and figure-6 curls to give a good foundation to work with. She undid the sections and worked them into loops and curls, pinning each into place as needed.


Hair: Tracy Guthrie Vastag

Makeup: Anastacia

Photography: Purely Visual

Photo: Taggart Winterhalter for Purely Visual