Camille’s naturally curly hair is quite a handful to deal with each morning. To give her a more refined look, “Tigerlights” or highlights are applied for soft accents and depth within the curl pattern. Over the top a coppery red brown translucent color seals in a rich tone all over.

To tame the “wild child” curls into softer waves, the wet hair is applied with Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam and Sculpting Lotion before hood drying. Soft finger waves are created on top while the balance is loop curled on a large barreled iron for larger bends and waves.

For a tamed curly look, the hair is diffuse-dried after applying with Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam and Awapui Moisture Mist. Modern Elixirs Illuminating Shine Spray over the surface creates a soft luster. 

Hair: Margit Aaron

Margit Aaron Studios-Old Town Tustin, CA (USA)

Makeup: Lisa Joy Walton