Gel-Us Much

White Sands Gel-Us

White Sands Gel-Us volumzing gel is a lightweight yet firm, flexible styling aid that works synergistically in styling and conditioning. Ideal for helping to plump the roots before blow-drying, Gel-Us helps to provide immense volume with a high shine, creating a flat iron effect with just a round brush.

White Sands Gel-Us locks-in moisture, so each cuticle layer is closed to eliminate frizz and improve texture. Alcohol-free, it will not dry out the hair or flake when brushed through. Offering a long-lasting hold with the ability to repel moisture and humidity, Gel-Us also excels as a natural curl definer.

White Sands Gel-Us features over 15 floral and herbal extracts like marshmallow root, sage, hops, rosemary, orchid, thyme and dandelion. Together, the work together to soften and smooth while amplifying body and strength as the roots become nourished.