Amy’s hair was a natural dark blond shade with long, over grown layers. For her new color, DeAnnalyn Teal created a dimensional series of blonds and reds. Ryan Teal took over and started the cut with the fringe in mind. After prepping the hair with a straightening balm, he blow-dried and flat ironed but leaving a slight bit of body. He took a deep triangular section in front and cut a 60’s inspired, ultra-bold fringe. Next he added shaggy layers. A fine mist of hair spray was used for soft hold while a shiny but light pomade was used over the surface to remove flyaways.

Hair: The Teals

Capello Salons- Portland, OR

Makeup: Lindsey Avenetti

Wardrobe: Elianna Bar-El & Leanne Marshall

Photo: Taggart Winterhalter for Purely Visual