Fabulous Over 40

If you’re in your 40s or better, finding a current hairstyle shouldn’t be a daunting task. It’s a matter of balancing an up-to-date look that suits your facial structure and features, as well as your lifestyle.

Many women feel that they need to ditch the long hair as they round the bend toward the big five-oh, which really isn’t the case. Although you should certainly consider an “age appropriate” hairstyle that suits you, it’s advised not to get so caught up in what’s expected of you simply because of your age.

The key is to always update your look, no matter the length, that way your hairstyle evolves with you over time. If your hair transitions into a shorter hairstyle then it’s likely for other reasons besides expectations based on age alone.

There are also little tricks your hairdresser can implement to help conceal or add emphasis where needed. For example, wispy bangs with longer pieces on the sides can help to camouflage crow’s feet around the eyes. Bangs, in general, can draw attention away from a predominate nose. Layers that start around the cheeks and span to or past the shoulders can help diminish the look of a double chin. Also hair color can soften your overall look while well-placed highlights work well to accentuate the good and downplay, well, the not so good. The suggestion is to let the salon pros help guide you in a direction that’s best for you and to help you continually evolve your personal style. 

Check out some of these aging gracefully celebrity looks for some sure-to-please hairstyle options.

Heavy but wispy bangs blend into curvy layers and flippy ends for Lee Purcell’s shoulder-touching style. 

Get The Look: Add volumizing mousse or spray on damp hair and blow dry in sections using a larger round brush. Pull up on the sections to create lift and then turn the brush several times for a robust bend. Switch to a smaller brush and flip the ends up. Run a small amount of styling paste through, pinching and twisting the ends for a piece-y finish. Mist with finishing spray for all-day hold.

Face-framing layers add softness to Carice Anouk van Houten’s barely wavy length.

Get The Look: Add texture spray or volumizing spray to damp hair and blow dry to remove most of the moisture. Introduce a vent brush to finish drying and to smooth down the bangs. Loosely wrap large sections of hair around a curling rod, alternating curl direction section to section. Once all sections are curled, flip your head upside down, tousle hair, flip right side up again and finger-style hair into place. Mist with finishing spray to hold.

Top a wavy bob with a bold fringe, like Constance Zimmer did, to add emphasis to your eyes.

Get The Look: Add styling lotion to damp hair and blow dry while using a vent brush. Use a flat iron to smooth the bangs while slightly rolling the ends under. Loosely wrap small sections of hair around a curling rod, alternating curl direction. Once all sections are curled, mist with texture spray and tousle hair. Finger-style by twirling sections around your finger along with a dab of styling paste. 

Sasha Alexander’s long layers show off soft waves and a swoopy side fringe.

Get The Look: Add styling lotion on damp hair and blow dry sections using a round brush. Pull up on the sections to create lift and then roll the brush to smooth through the length. Once dry, mist sections with working spray and curl away from your face with a large curling iron. Run fingers through to break up the sections, craft a messy side part and push the fringe to the side. Tuck one side behind your ear and mist all over with a lightweight finishing spray.

Heavy on top with forward-swept layers, Faith Hill’s short coif accents her features and striking facial structure. Ideal for women with a stronger jawline and lengthy neck, this hairstyle offers an air of confidence. 

Get The Look: Add styling foam on damp hair and blow dry in varied directions against the shape of the head using a paddle brush. Once dry, add a dab of styling cream to hands and run fingers through your hair to finger-style into place.