Deepen Your Treatments

Are you looking to take your weekly deep conditioning treatments to the next level? If so, follow these steps for intensified results.

1. Lather up with your favorite moisturizing shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

2. Slather on your deep conditioning treatment and allow it to set for several minutes to absorb into your hair.

3. If conditioning in the shower, let the steam work for you or even add a hot towel to intensify the process.

4. For super deep treatments, step out of the shower and towel dry to remove the excess water. Add the conditioner on your damp strands and work through. Cover your hair with a plastic shower cap to protect it and then add heat for about 5 minutes. You can use your blow dryer on medium to high heat or even a hood dryer, if you have one. 

5. Rinse thoughly and style as desired!