Emily has a mid length layered cut that is shattered internally but is blunt on the bottom. Disconnected bangs are cut diagonally to sit heavy to one side.

Her color is a level 7 blonde with level 8 gold and lighter blonde highlights sliced throughout the head. Diagonal sections are also placed in the sides and in the fringe for even more dimension.

To style, a cocktail of Polishing Cream and Spray Shine is worked into the damp hair before blow-drying with a round brush. A light mist hair spray and polish spray on the ends creates just the right finish.

For a fuller look, Carter bumped back through the hair with a light mist hair spray and an extra large curling iron rolling the hair back in larger sections. Once the entire head was done, he broke up the sections by hand and pieced with Polishing Cream and Slush Gloss Drops cocktailed together.