Casey’s cut was done in 3 stages: It’s square at the bottom, angled at the sides and in front, then it was layered internally.  Her color is a mix of a warm wood series with highlights in back, while the front has a block of Tietian red with highlights to break up the shape.

To create a straight shattered style, Carter applied a cocktail of Framesi Soothe leave in conditioner and Glaze styling gel, then blow-dried straight with a round brush. Next WIO straightening balm is used to flat iron, then the style is finished by piecing with Polishing Cream and Glacier Wax.

For a more stylized look, Carter brushed out the hair and backcombed the crown for a controlled volume. Next he used Slush Gloss Drops and Polishing Cream together and slicked down the rest of hair to neatly hug the head. The sides were tucked back behind the ears while a small section in front of the ear is pieced out to complete the look.