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Victor Paul of Victor Paul SalonVictor Paul, co-owner of his namesake Victor Paul Salon answers some of your most pressing questions about your hair. 

Q: How do I get a bodified look for my longer hair that will last?
 Create these new glam looks by using either hot rollers on dry hair or round brush set while blow-drying. You’ll need 7-10 ceramic and or ionic round brushes to complete some of these looks. The trick is to apply a styling spray to each section for holding power and to lift up on sections, and roll the brush several times while drying with high heat, hitting the cool switch to set the bend in place. Leave the brush on that section to set while you work on other sections. Remove the brushes and finger-style or if you used hot rollers, run a soft-bristled brush through the curls to create a soft, rolling wave that will stay sexy all day.

Q: It’s a scary thing to make a drastic change with my hair. How should I best prepare for a new look? What do I need to know before I step into the salon?
A: You should evaluate why you’re making the change and to be sure that you really are ready for it. You should also have an idea about what you want, communicating through pictures versus words. A good consultation is absolutely key when looking to make a change. Ask your stylist LOTS of questions and show examples of what you like. Ask if you your face shape and features would look good in such a cut and or color, and if your hair type and condition can work for it. That way there are no surprises.

Q: What’s new in haircolor? Is Ombre still a wise fashion choice?
A: I see some changes coming for color with lots of soft but dimensional blondes, really rich, deep browns and warmer reds with soft shimmers of highs and lows. No more harsh ombre looks! It’s simply time! There will be and underlay of color at the hairline for depth, not more that a half shade lighter or darker than the rest of the hair, with more solid color elsewhere else. Maybe a few very fine highlights or lowlights around the face or to accentuate key areas, but that’s it.

Q: What are some of the must-have products and tools for popular looks?
A: I would have to say some sort of styling or thermal spray or root booster for volume, which is applied on damp hair before drying. Shine enhancers are also big for a healthy luster. Dust off your hot rollers as rolling waves and big bends are back, and a good blow dryer with a cool shot button is a must to help set styles. Also, load up on lots of large round brushes for brush sets, as voluptuous volume is what it’s all about this season!

Q: What sort of looks are popular for men?
A: For younger and or style-conscious men the undercut is very popular. That’s where the sides and back are cut short and very close to the scalp and versatile length on top is worn in any number of ways, depending on the length. A true bi-level or undercut has enough disconnected length on top to lay over the short sides and back and give the appearance of floppy length. When worn sliced back, this cut takes on a totally different look with a very dapper retro vibe. Short cuts also go from a short clipper cuts on the sides and back and fade into fun length on top, which is highly textured to wear multiple ways – Spiked up, as a modified Mohawk, pushed back or every-which-way for an undone finish.

About Victor Paul
Victor Paul has a vast experience in the hair and makeup industry with nearly three decades of salon and editorial work.  Specializing in hair styling and coloring, as well as make-up, he is currently in high and constant demand.

Victor Paul considers hair and make-up to be a highly expressive medium. Education is key in his belief that you can never stop learning and enhancing your craft. With Victor Paul’s training and experience have also come his many accomplishments, recognition and awards, such as: The North American Hairstylist Awards (NAHA) where Victor Paul is a two-time Avant Garde nominee and his editorial work has been featured in countless hair, beauty and lifestyle publications worldwide.

With a multitude of TV, editorial, film, and print work, Victor Paul’s work is truly standalone. He did hair for a recent series on MTV and was a regular hair and make-up artist for four seasons of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County

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