Ask The Experts - Wendy Matovelle

Wendy MatovelleWendy Matovelle is owner of the Hair Culture Salon located in Salonz Beauty & Spa Suites in Pembroke Pines, Florida. This texture expert sat down with Focus on Hair to discuss the evolving texture trends for hair.

Q: How is texture (curl / wave) now being incorporated into the most current hair trends?

It is important to note that the newest spring hair fashion directions are that texture is now being incorporated into every trend using softer textures and natural looking hair. With texture being used in the latest bed head looks, loose beachy curls, upstyles and every form of natural waves and curls; the new looks are really very soft, feminine and pretty.  The only texture trend that is not happening is the old fashioned perming techniques of the 70s and 80s.
Q: What are must-have products and hairstyling tools to create these looks?
There are many new professional salon products that will help you achieve the newest textured hair designs with any hair type. Today, there are also many specialized haircare systems that are designed for texturized haircare. For example, Moroccan Oil has numerous special curly creams, mousses, pastes and texturizing hairsprays.  Davines, Kérastase, Alphaparf and other specialized professional texturizing haircare systems will make it easier for you to maintain your hair between salon visits, while also offering you versatile and creative styling options. For example, you can apply a texturizing spray on your hair while styling it for added volume and again after the hair is dry to keep it in place. Root lifters will also help support your new textured hair. Finish it off with a spray gloss. You should invest in a high quality curling iron or wand that is not too small. Like a 1.5-inch iron. You will need products and tools that will help you achieve the new looks that are not too uniform and organized. Some of the best new texturized hair looks are loose, uneven and messy.
Q: Do you have any quick techniques for adding or harnessing texture?
To harness great texture, you must work with your hair designer to get and maintain a great haircut as the essential foundation. By having a dimensionalized haircut designed for you with creative multi-dimensional haircolor, you will make the texture look even better. Try to work with your soft natural hair. Don’t over-process it with chemical treatments. Use conditioning treatments and shine / gloss haircare products to make your texturized hair more much more manageable. It will also look and feel soft, supple, shiny and healthy.
Q: What do you have to recommend for women who want to add new curl, wave or texture to their hair?
This new loose and low maintenance texturized hair trend will definitely be in style for spring and summer. It will also probably stay in style throughout the next year. Ask your professional hairstylist for a fresh new spring haircut, haircolor and hairstyle consultation, so together you can explore all of the latest trends and hair fashion possibilities.  

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