Ask The Experts - Kaz Amor

Kaz AmorKaz Amor, famed colorist and president of Você Haircare, took the time to chat about haircolor trends for the coming season. Let's listen in...

Q: Is the Ombré / Sombré haircolor craze over or is it just getting into high gear?
Kaz Amor: Creative ombré and sombré haircolor trends are still popular. This trend is not over, although the salon haircolor application techniques are changing. Most women like to enjoy these multi-dimensional looks as they offer low maintenance as these looks grow out. That is why balyage is also now so popular as it is being used to blend the hair and haircolor on the top of the head with the haircolor on the bottom to create a much softer and more blended look.
Q: How is this trend evolving and where do you see it going this spring and summer?
Kaz Amor: With ombré, the haircolor is very heavy on the bottom. This spring the haircolor on the bottom will look softer and not be as heavy as it was previously desired over the past few years. It will not be a dramatic change like going from black to white. The new interpretations with sombré add an interpretation of sunshine with a softer look. Blended haircolor will be fashionably lighter on the ends.
Q: In general, what haircolor trends can we look forward to this spring for blondes, brunettes and redheads?
Kaz Amor: The biggest new spring trends for blondes will be moving away from the powdery pastel haircolor shades. The newest silver and grey tones are really very popular right now and this will continue through the spring and summer.

Soft summer beiges will be extremely popular. The haircolor will not be as warm. Summer beiges will be softened with beigey blues. Most darker brunettes will be looking to enhance their blue/black color, Você Deep Purple Shampoo will help these brunettes support that. Some are going 2 to 3 levels lighter to a lighter brown shade, even though some will consider blondes and blonde highlights for spring and summer. Redheads have been shining with full and bright or brash reds as that look is now very trendy and acceptable. Most redheads will not be subdued with haircolor this spring. Instead, they will be wonderfully enhancing their natural and beautiful haircolor.
Q: Is there anything else you can share about the newest spring / summer haircolor trends?
Kaz Amor: With spring and summer, there are many outdoor events, music festivals and the opportunity to let your haircolor glow. Haircuts and haircolor will help celebrate the festival season with inspirations from sunshine, music and flowers. You will see plenty of braids and loose carefree hairstyles with festive haircolor.
Kaz Amor is President of Você Haircare. He has achieved international status as a leader in the professional salon industry and has established himself as one of the most sought after haircolorists in the world. His inherent sense of beauty and style has made him a favorite among countless celebrities, beauty professionals and members of the press. Celebrated for his unfailing eye and individualistic approach to haircolor, Amor has made a lasting impression on the industry whether he is presenting at shows or working all over the world as a lead educator and creative consultant for some of the biggest professional brands. Kaz Amor has held leadership roles with Vidal Sassoon, Sebastian International, Redken and L’Oréal. For more information, visit: www.Você