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Uriel Yusupov, co-owner of Red Chair Studio in NYC answers some of your most pressing questions about your hair. 

Q: What makes hair frizzy?
A: Hair tends to frizz and get fuzzy when it is dry or lacking moisture. Deep moisturizing treatments should be done once a week in addition to daily moisture conditioning, including leave-in versions. This will help keep the frizz at bay. Also, curly hair is naturally dry anyway, so you have to amp up the moisture even more to get a better finish. Damaged, over-processed hair can also be brittle and appear dry. In such a case protein may be needed as well, but I advise having a professional revitalization treatment done since too much protein can dry hair out even more. If in doubt, ask your stylist.

Q: Bangs…are they in or out?
A: About 50% of my female clients have some form of a bang (mostly side bangs), and about half of those remaining are thinking about having them added. If that were any indication, I’d say they are definitely “in!"

Q: Many friends have bobs, which look great on most of them. I’m looking to cut my hair short and was wondering if bobs will still be popular for a while or if I consider something else?
A: Short and above shoulder bobs are still popular but have transitioned into less of an A-Line quality. These blunter versions are layered for internal movement and sometimes have a side-bang or even full bangs if your face shape can handle it. Ideal for those who want a more structured or polished look, these new versions of the classic cut also allow some versatility using texture. If you do cut short, don’t be afraid to try a few new styles from time to time. Consider playing with texture, volume, body and moving the part around. Bobs can be a lot of fun to work with, but I would consult your hairdresser before snipping to see what length and style would be best for your face shape.

Q: When is a woman too mature for long hair?
A: I think women are never too old to wear long hair as it has more to do with attitude than age. As we mature our hair texture does change, and the care, feeding, and upkeep can be overwhelming for some. I think all women can wear whatever length they want and feel the most comfortable in but feel the need to stress that a long hairstyle only looks good when it’s kept neatly trimmed and in control. It needs to look healthy, bouncy and shiny.

Q: Any suggestions on longer hairstyles that are appropriate for a professional woman in her 40’s?
A: To look professional but still have the option to look sexy, framing around the face is a great choice for the cut. Longer layers give the option for bounce when you need it, but allow the length to be long enough to put up when desired. Keep your color fresh, so it looks healthy and shiny and then experiment a bit with different textures for the finish.

Q: Is it ever appropriate to wear messy, curly, bohemian or hippie-chic looks at work? What about wild colors?
A: It has a lot to do with what is considered appropriate for the field and the workplace you are in. Many professional corporate offices prefer a polished sophistication for executive women while those in a creative field may want to think outside of the box a bit. In that case, a wilder, more texturized look or even wild colors may be entirely appropriate. I think the key is to look around and see what others are wearing in that environment and then go for a modified version that suits you.  If in doubt, I always suggest taking a slightly conservative approach and then try subtle tweaks to interject your creative side, as you are comfortable.

Q: I have a formal function coming up, but I just cut my hair off. How can I dress up my short ‘do for eveningwear?
A: If you have a pixie or short bob with some length on top, play with some texture. Finger waves can be fun as can a deep side part with everything smoothed down and into place. If you have a medium length bob, try some shiny, but piece-y waves or keep it simple by tucking one or both sides behind your ears. If in doubt add gel and slick everything back. It’s a timeless look that works with most shorter length hairstyles.

About Uri
Uriel Yusupov's Red Chair Studio has become the coveted “go-to” destination for New York’s Upper East Side women in the know. Once a closely guarded secret, the Red Chair Studio burst onto the scene with a client list that reads like a who’s who for the worlds of beauty, fashion, arts, and entertainment.

Having grown up in the majestic reflection of one of the world’s most historic, romantic and awe-inspiring cities, St. Petersburg, Uriel comes from a long line of fascinating and prominent people; with ancestors dating back to the historic Russian Yusupov’s dynasty. Uriel’s unique but finely tuned eye for color and style is simply in the genes. His grandmother was an award-winning wig-master for the renowned Bolshoi ballet, and his grandfather was one of St. Petersburg’s most famous hairstylists, who catered to aristocrats and thespians alike. It was at his grandfather’s knee that Uriel plied his trade, becoming accomplished in his own right by the time he was in his teens.

With an up and coming product line and a following that is expanding daily, Uriel Yusupov is, without a doubt, destined to be the next great name in the world of hair!

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