Flair for Straight Hair

Bodiful Bob

If you were graced with silky smooth strands but desire more styling versatility, you’re in luck! There are plenty of styling products, tools and cutting techniques that can help get you there.

A layered cut will help add movement to otherwise straight strands and give some interest internally. Simply ask your stylist for the best possible options to add such movement while balancing your features and face shape with some well-placed layers.

Hair color can also help with the illusion of texture and movement. A few sparks of color or highs and lows add depth and accentuate areas, like layering, look more obvious.

To add volume and slight texture to otherwise straight hair, start with a thermal styling spray all over on damp hair and then add mousse or volumizer at the root. For the optimum amount of body, blow-dry with a round brush. Using tension, pull up on sections on top to add lift and roll the brush to create bends through the length. Roll each section up and either pin up or transfer to Velcro rollers to cool before finger-styling tresses into place. This will give a sultry, bodified finish. 

If you want to take things a step further, mist vertical sections of dry hair with a thermal-activated working spray and wrap each around a larger curling iron to add a “bump” of texture through the length. For a tighter wave or curl, use smaller sections and a smaller iron.

Whether you go for a bodified finish, barely-there waves or curl-laced texture, the key to staying power, especially for stick-straight hair, is the heat-activated styling product. Depending on the hair type, consider one of our faves: Kenra Thermal Styling Spray 19, Redken Hot Sets 22 or Beyond Body by Aquage.