Hairstyle Collection


June 29, 2019

Soft and airy with delicate tones, these bodified hairstyles by Belgium’s William De Ridder provide the perfect amount of movement for a graceful sense of glam.

June 27, 2019

With every creative process different ideas are born - some more related and others without meaning, but all directed towards the same end. It's right there where the metaphor begins: imagining that hair, as a medium, offers endless possibilities, some intertwined and others free without meaning or rules.

June 25, 2019

According to Stéphane Amaru of Stéphane Amaru Institution, these fun yet edgy looks were not built traditionally. Instead, they’ve been first deconstructed, then reconstructed to give a new-millennium appeal.

July 24, 2018
Inspired by the feeling of high summer, Andrew Jose's collection Summer Solstice celebrates the 30th anniversary of his Charlotte Street salon in London.