When Color Whispers

To make a powerful statement, sometimes it's best to whisper, versus shout. The same can be true for hair color - the subtlest nuance or delicate shift of color can make all of the difference in the world to one's personal style. This is especially true for blondes, whether natural or created, as the lighter strands become the perfect canvas for which to paint. Think subtle pastel shades of pink, rose, lilac or mauve, or today's trending teal, blue, seafoam or outright green. Splashes of color can be seen throughout a section, framing the face or peeking out from the root - all fun options depending on the desired effect. So, are you ready to add a delicate splash of color?

Credits L-R, T-B:

Salon: rokk ebony South Melbourne • Color: Emily Torcasio • Cut/Style: Elena Nardone • Photography: Elizabeth Kinnaird • Makeup: Rob Povey • Stylist: Jessica Jade 

Anne Veck Salons for Revlon Professional • Hair: Anne Veck • Assistant: Brandon Lombardo • Makeup: Elizabeth Rita • Jewelry Design: Chloe J Mellen • Photography: Barry Jeffery

Salon: Errol Douglas • Hair: Errol Douglas MBE Hair • Color: Errol Douglas Color Team • Makeup: Elizabeth Rita • Styling: Jared Green • Photography: Barry Jeffery

Salon: Servilles - New Zealand • Hair: Servilles Creative Team lead by Frank Apostolopoulos  • Photography: Andrew O’Toole • Styling: Victoria Harvey • Makeup: Jamila Serville assisted by Louise Harford