XXL Creative Team WalkiriasWith this look, Spain's XXL Team showcases an empowered and free woman who does not shy away from her strength to assert her presence.
This edgy hairstyle is inspired by the Valkyries, characters from Scandinavian mythology that in battle chose the heroes that would have to die, and in heaven, they served the heroes as drink-pourers.
The haircut breaks with the established and cold tones that, despite their differences, harmonize with each other. They play with different volumes to get a unique finish. 
Collective by Steven Smart

Hair:  The XXL Team
Jose Ramón Cordero,  Juan Francisco Isidoro
& Prometeo Pérez
XXL Creative Team Headshot
Makeup: Pía Quin | Wardrobe: Jose Vicente Martínez 
Photography: David Arnal  | Model: Sofía Pérez 
Products: L’Oreal Professionnel 
Spanish Flag