Velvet has always been a luxurious fabric associated with royalty. Hair artist Virginia Martinez @ Yoko-Pels chose this object of desire for its extraordinary softness and the complexity of its manufacture. It's the perfect idiom for hair - loaded with a strong symbology of power; velvet has been present in the pompous cloaks of medieval kings and on stage with artists like Prince. Today velvet has been democratized and is part of our wardrobe, although it is still associated with sumptuousness.
The powerful language that it transmits is what has inspired this collection in which its rich textures produce interplays of light that are combined with the most transgressive vinyl tones enriching its message, richer and more vigorous than ever. The result, unique and extraordinary, is an exquisite and deeply contemporary combination.

Collective by Steven Smart
Yoko PelsYoko PelsYoko PelsYoko PelsYoko Pels

Yoko Pels
Hair: Virginia Martinez @ Yoko-Pels  |  Makeup: Sylvia Mengual  |  Wardrobe: Eunnis Mesa
Photography: David Arnal  |  Products: Schwarzkopf Professional
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