Trending Hues

According to Neil Barton, Goldwell ambassador and owner of Neil Barton Hairdressing in Edinburgh, Scotland, blonde shades never go out of style. They are not just for summer but all year round. This past winter, this seasoned colorist saw a lot of warm-toned blondes, with lighter blonde toning their hair down and opting for golden and honey hues instead. Silver and platinum blondes are another popular hue for winter, giving an icy, snow-inspired look.

In spring light, soft blondes came more into play, including crisp champagne and pink-infused platinums that look a bit more natural and effortless. Honey tones mixed with lighter, icier shades are also on-trend and are great to infuse into the hair to liven up the blonde color and give it more dimension and tone.

"Two of my favorite blonde hues for the season are rich tea, a buttery tone that creates a must-have effect and lemon cream, a yellow inspired blonde that has a refreshing, clean and light touch," claims Barton.

For something more playful, muted pastel tones are also on-trend. Think softer tones like peaches, lilacs, and dusky pinks that all fade beautifully. Some of Barton's favorite pastel hues for the season include Lilatech, a modern version of classic lilac with a gender-neutral appeal, Sakura pink, a peachy pink shade with a great saturation depth, and Neo Mint. This gorgeous fashion color embodies a forward-thinking and
optimistic mood.

"I also think color contrasting will be huge as we head further into 2020 and are the perfect style to go for if you're looking to be a bit more experimental with your color and want something fun and unique. With this look, most of the hair remains one color. However, the face is framed, and there may be some chunky highlights throughout the hair for a statement finish," Barton adds.

This busy colorist claims that vibrant shades will also remain popular, including bright berry hues like cranberry — nothing too dramatic or in-your-face but a great twist on a dark red that provides the hair with a gorgeous shine. With a slightly blue tint, this hair color is particularly ideal for brunettes who want to give their hair an update, as bleach does not need to be used to create such a dark red maroon-like hue.

"For brunettes, think rich, nutty mid-tones to extreme darks will be popular that are cool in color and have a hue of black. Think shades like truffle and nutty hues, both of which infuse tones of blue and red and are classic and extremely versatile hues," says Barton in closing.