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Anthony and Gloria Edge, a husband and wife education team in San Diego, California, have created a collection inspired by the shape, texture, and strength of the hair. The entire series is based on foundational techniques personalized into looks for mainstream clients.  

When it comes to trends for hair, this duo is seeing a lot of mid-lengths with shaggy, mullet type haircuts making a comeback. Also, curls and perms are becoming mainstream with kind of a done-yet-undone finish that’s flawlessly effortless. “We prefer the classic simple timeless shapes with an edgy twist - nothing over the top. We take the pulse of where things are going in this world and aim to create something relevant to our times and culture,” stated Anthony. 

He added, "Curls and waves are integrated into our collection because we have always been inclusive with various textures and ethnicity in all of our work. We like to enhance what’s already there instead of trying too hard to create 'a look.' We are inspired by our models and their natural beauty. The goal is always trying to create a nice shape while keeping in mind the kind of texture we’re working with." 

When asked what makes each of their new looks modern, the Edges expressed that the further you stay away from trends the closer you are to staying/being modern yet timeless. “The goal of a haircut is to enhance the beauty and emphasize personality. It comes down to taste, what looks good, and if it makes you feel great. What looks good comes down to ratio and proportion. As hairdressers, we are mindful of what creates balance and harmony. As far as who is best suited for the wearer - there isn’t really an answer for this. I guess it brings it back to one of our main focus of the collection, which is suitability and resonating with a look that you feel reflects your style and personality." 

"A good haircut is easy to maintain, so you should be able to wear it however you want to with the recommended products or tools by your hairdresser.”

Anthony has been a hairdresser in his hometown in Northern England since the age of 15. He rose through the ranks at Toni & Guy London since the '90s and became their International Artistic Director. He traveled the world delivering education 5-6 days a week for over 10 years but has since settled down in Southern California where he married Gloria - a fellow hairdresser with a head for business. Together they founded Edge Academy and launched Upper House-Salon On Kettner in San Diego. 

Anthony and Gloria offer courses for the more advanced cutter who already have knowledge of fundamentals. The team’s curriculum is designed to break down the complexities of haircuts and then present them with greater clarity and simplicity. 

The Edges believe that the only way to continue is to grow and the only way to grow is to never stop learning and being curious. When not behind the chair or teaching they enjoy creating new looks with a trend release each year.  "We are one of the very few independent educators in the hairdressing world to come up with a collection every year. We believe it is hugely important to our growth," said Gloria. "It is a challenge for a small team like us but a challenge we enjoy nonetheless as it sets us apart. It’s a work of love that represents us."