Texture Enhancing Color

Hair color is an interesting and ever-evolving medium. The colorists who create the trends are artists in their own right and they proudly use hair as their canvas of choice. Taking a path of their own, the team at Venom in Invercargill, New Zealand have unveiled a collection of hair color masterpieces that are both daringly artistic and wonderfully wearable. The one main consistency is the use of color to create texture-enhancing abilities.

(Left) A curl-laced style is topped off with a rooty brown base and gray, platinum, rose, lilac, and light copper splashes of color throughout. This color and its placement are ideal to accent the textured finish.

(Top right) This textured bob features an all warm range of brown, with a medium chestnut base, copper and golden blonde panels offer a flash of lightness in front to add interest 

(Middle right) For this lengthy hairstyle, a transition of color works through a medium brown base. The panels in front and around the face span from a darker root to coppery blonde through peach, golden and platinum blonde, a blush-like red, and soft lilac. Worn seek to flaunt the panels and slivers of color, these longer layers flaunt a diagonal, almost messy zig-zag part and with tousled pieciness through the ends.

(Bottom right) This deep mahogany base was accented with light copper highlights with black ends with thin lines of purple for interest. Worn slight tousled, this shaggy bob features choppy, face-framing layers and bitten bangs.

Hair by Venom - Invercargill, New Zealand  • Photography by Angela Henderson • Makeup by Toni Christensen