A Mind-Bending Experience

Spoked, sprayed, sprawling, and somewhat spun - these eye-catching creations by platform artist Chris Baran take a visual path less traveled when it comes to hair. 

Chris Baran
Chris BaranChris Baran

Inspiration Behind the "STYX" Collection

Chris BaranChris Baran

Even when we photograph it, we put wind on it to make it move. Our cultural norms always seem to have a need to feel it has to have been moveable touchable and soft. I did it as well. I just felt like I wanted to flash myself a strong middle finger, give my creativity a shake, and think differently. I wanted the complete opposite. Making shapes with nothing but straight lines was the common theme.
It started off with the two that I nicknamed Straight and Asymmetric CHAOS – light, airy, and see-through exterior with solid interiors. The next three evolved into how to make curved shaped with only straight lines (affectionately called Straight Curves - duh). Even the interior dark shape creates a solid curved line when the dots are connected. It came from looking at Buckminster Fuller’s Geodesic Dome; not that I wanted them to look like his dome, taking from the perspective that when you look at something composed of nothing but straight lines …and your brain translates it as a curved shape. -Chris Baran

*Each piece took approximately 6-8 days to complete

Hair Artist | Chris Baran

Chris Baran Headshot

Color inspiration | Suzanne Sturm
Makeup | Marie Laure Larrieu
Wardrobe | Jeremie´ Cote
Photography | Babak

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