Styling Jonas

Nick JonasCelebrity stylist Charley McEwen is known for his impressive creativity and work with clients of all hair types and textures and has an impressive list of celebrity clientele, including clients like Tom Hardy, Taron Edgerton, Nick Jonas, and Jake Gyllenhaal. McEwen has expressed his fondness for Daimon Barber grooming products, choosing them to create red-carpet looks for many of his high-profile clients.

McEwen recently crafted looks for Nick Jonas’ appearances at the Capitol Summertime Ball and the Wimbledon Men’s Single Final with Ralph Lauren using Daimon Barber products. The celeb stylist created a dry, thick texture that accentuated Nick Jonas’ natural curls without frizz and made him stand out at these high-profile events. 

“The secret to creating a dry, thick texture that brings out your natural curls is layering a sea salt spray while the hair is wet, then applying The Daimon Barber Forming Cream and letting it air dry with a quick diffuse,” says McEwen. “This was ideal for the Capitol Summertime Ball, particularly due to the heat and demanding performance.”

For Nick Jonas’ Wimbledon x Ralph Lauren look, McEwen commented, “I used quite a lot of Yuzu Paste; it’s perfect for achieving great hold and texture. I enjoy working with the product quickly and intensely through the hair, starting from the crown and dispersing it evenly.”

Daimon Barber, known for their commitment to crafting premium grooming products, is honored to be the preferred choice of Charley McEwen and other stylists around the world. The brand remains dedicated to providing prestigious products that allow individuals to exude confidence and sophistication on every occasion.