Spring Repair

John Masters OrganicsIn spring, nature makes its big comeback. And even damaged, brittle, over-processed hair can bounce back to life with a little help from three natural formulas from John Masters Organics. Starring organic honey and hibiscus flower extract, these products infuse hair with nutrients that deliver moisture, strength, resilience, and shine.  

Anyone with dry, brittle, breakage-prone, dull and listless hair can use these products. These problems are often caused by chemical processes, blow dryer burnout, and mechanical damage such as over-brushing.

The formulas, good for all hair types, include:

John Masters Organics Shampoo for Damaged Hair with Honey & Hibiscus

A silky formula that gently sweeps away debris and dirt without drying the scalp. It builds resilience from the root, helping prevent future damage. 

John Masters Organics Conditioner for Damaged Hair with Honey & Hibiscus

A daily conditioner. Organic honey coats hair in essential nutrients and acts as a natural humectant. Organic hibiscus flower is rich in amino acids and helps restore strength, elasticity, and a silky texture.  Leave on for several minutes before rinsing for an extra helping of  TLC.

John Masters Hair Mask for Damaged Hair with Honey & Hibiscus

Intensive care in a bottle. In addition to precious drops of honey and hibiscus flower extract, the formula also contains hyaluronic acid and beeswax, both powerful humectants. Designed for weekly use, it rebuilds broken bonds to restore strength, movement, and shine.