Spring Color Scene

Transitioning from the cooler months and the traditional darkening up of fall and winter hair color pallets, lighter tones will start to prevail. According to Denis Kovalyov, creative director and co-founder of My.Hair Care, spring is a season of renewal. 

For spring and well into summer, this busy colorist sees dirty blondes and copper highlights making the scene. There will also be a continuation of the popular ice queen blondes. Kovalyov feels that powdery pastel tones and Living Coral, Pantone’s color of the year, will abound as well. This “gotta-have-it” hue can be used as a block tone or added on a painted level, as it has so very many applications.  

In general, Kovalyov says that color placement is becoming more uniform and “block” with varied tonal values in different shades. In the warmer months, look for more block color techniques featuring dirty blonde and ice blonde. Highlights are all about shimmer in copper tones smudged up into hot and wearable wet-look styles with haute couture accessories. The most daring among us will be mixing color with styling glitter with wearable wet looks.

To keep color looking on-point, Kovalyov recommends the regular use of color-infusing shampoo from day one. He suggests any of the five shades of his Infuse My. Colour shampoo to keep your hair color fresh or to have your salon professional mix your made-for-me custom-blend to the exact shade of your hair. Either way, hair color aftercare is essential for keeping your hues looking salon fresh.

CREDITS: Image 1: Hair, Makeup & Styling: Cesar Eugenio, Photography: Jesper Kristensen •  Image 2: Shutterstock