Thomas White_01_Creative ShowcaseThis perfectly prickly fade blends seamlessly into swept-forward movement with a dose of color spattering through the high tones. It’s where texture and color collide like a moment frozen in time. With this tactile quill-like creation by Thomas White – it’s easy to see why this standalone statement is the 2019 Hair Expo winner for Men's Hairdresser / Barber of the Year. So gritty, so conflicted, so masculine…and yes, an image of perfection! 

Collective by Steven Smart

Hair Artist  | Thomas White
Thomas White Headshot
Makeup  |   Sarah McFadden
Wardrobe  |  Leroy Lorenzo
Photographer  |  Bernard Gueit
Assistant  | Nikki Porter

Winner of the 2019 Australian Hair Expo Awards
Men's Hairdresser | Barber of the Year 

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