Salon Coach Advice

Ronit EnosHow To Find the Right Coach/Mentor for 2019

Planning for success is the only way that it happens. Having the guidance of a coach or mentor is essential for salon owners to attain the goals that lead to accomplishment. Finding the right person to help grow a business, however, is not always easy. Business Strategist and Salon Cadence founder Ronit Enos advises salon owners to keep two things in mind: be very clear about the goals you want to achieve and then find someone with whom you can communicate with honestly.

According to Enos, coaches or mentors can help clarify where to take a business, how to correct problems, how best to help plan new initiatives and also determine the skills and steps needed for success. Also, these business professionals hold salon owners accountable. She points out that guidance is equally valuable for those who have already achieved a degree of success and want to grow in a different direction or find a better work/life balance.

Tips for Finding the Right Coach/Mentor

•  Ask for recommendations from peers and get feedback on success stories. 

•  Attend seminars of coaches in the local area and access their skills/personality.

•  Interview at least three potential coaches and research how long they've been in business, their coaching style, the number of clients, plus ask them for multiple references.

•  Make sure the coach or mentor offers a complimentary strategy call, a vital tool in determining if the chemistry and communication style are good fits. 

•  Request information on their teaching philosophy. See if video learning is utilized and if a feedback accountability system is in place.

•  Inquire about the support offered after the intensive coaching period…is there an ongoing mastery or group program?

"If you can connect with the right coach, you will be amazed at the progress you can make toward your goals. Do it! You'll be so glad you did," adds Enos. 

Ronit Enos is an award-winning ideation coach, public speaker, and business strategist practicing innovative approaches that allow entrepreneurs to achieve optimal work/life balance. Salon Cadence is her unique program that teaches owners how to manage cash flow and gain clarity and confidence on how to run their business. Her philosophy allows owners to reduce time scheduled behind the chair and focus 85 percent of efforts on business development to achieve financial freedom and success.