Rocky Sweet

Excel Coiffure of France has capitalized on the freshness of its muse Lily Rose Depp, who is also the face of Karl Lagerfeld and daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp. It is through her inspiration that the Team at Excel Coiffure brings out a "Rocky Sweet" style.  A figure of fashion among young people, Lily inspires a rebellious chicness that has been coupled with a summer swim sort of attitude that compels a sense of zen.

Rocky Sweet by Excel Coiffure

For makeup, the team chose tones of glazed pink that are called "Puriste” - where this spirit in the colors highlights a sweet and chic side.

Rocky Sweet by Excel Coiffure

The haircuts in this showcase come in multiple lengths showing off looks as diverse as the women who wear them. Look for full-cuta, long or massive fringe, short cuts, an unstructured ball shape, a square cut, unstructured pointcuts, a fun undercut, a two-length cut, hatched fringe, and even a popular neck-length. And with each look is a fresh pastel-like quality to the color. All very wearable for the season ahead - and so very chic!

Rocky Sweet by Excel Coiffure


Hair: Excel Coiffure • Photo: Pawel Wylag • Makeup: Izabela Szelagowska • Fashion Styling: Joanna Wolff • Production: MK Production @ Christopher Gaillet