Re-Inventing Curl

Curly Hair

Hairdresser Karine Jackson created a wonderfully textured range of looks using a variety of Curlformer products. Here's how to create these looks at home.

Sleek & Stylish 
To create these waves, Karine used both Barrel and Spiral Curlformers styling kits. 

1. Starting with clean and damp hair, part the front and back into two separate sections.

2. Brush out the back section and then insert the Spiral Curlformers Styling Kit to smaller sections of hair using the Curlformers Styling Hook (see demo below).

3. Once you finished the back, move on to the front using the Barrel Curlformers Styling Kit on small sections.

4. Allow hair to air-dry entirely or use a hood dryer on low heat.

5. Once your hair is completely dry, gently remove the Curlformers. Brush out ringlets until you achieve the desired amount of wave.

Soft Curls
Create a soft curly look using the Barrel Styling Kit.

1. Wash and towel dry hair. Brush damp hair with a large paddle brush. divide hair into four sections, pinning three of them out of the way.

2. Take a smaller sub-section of damp hair and insert the Barrel Curlformers using the styling hook.

3. With each section, repeat step two until all of the Curlformers have been added.

4. Allow to air dry completely or use a hood dryer on low heat. 

5. Gently remove the Curlformers and use your fingers to tousle curls slightly.

Curly Hair

Volumized Coils
Create voluminous curls with the Corkscrew Curls Styling Kit.

1. Make sure your hair is still damp. Brush out hair with a large paddle brush.

2. Part your hair into four sections.

3. Insert the Curlformers Corkscrew Curls into smaller subsections of your hair. Continue section by section.

4. Once all sections are complete, allow your hair to air-dry or use a hood dryer on low heat.

5. Once completely dry, remove the Curlformers and gently brush out your curls. Use your fingers to tease slightly for added volume.

Wildly Spiral
This fiery look was created with the Spiral Curls Styling Kit.

1. Brush your freshly cleansed, towel-dried hair out separating it into individual sections.

2. Insert Spiral Curls Styling Kit into your hair, section by section while your hair is still damp. If needed, mist hair with water to keep moist.

3. Allow your hair to air-dry or use a hood dryer on low heat.

4. Once completely dry, remove Curlformers and loosen the ringlets with your fingers. For extra volume, back-comb your hair lightly from the root.

Keyline 700px

Karine Jackson using Curlformers by Hair Flair
Makeup: Elizabeth Kita
Stylist: Magdalena Jacobs
Photo: Barry Jeffery