Collective by Steven Smart
"Climate change is one of the most compelling issues facing our planet. The Regeneration collection expresses the beauty and challenge within six environmental areas through hair artistry. I contribute my voice to the call for environmental change and regeneration." - Jenni Terrant of Bond Hair Religion - Australian Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year

Regeneration by Jenni Tarrant

The survival of Australian woodland areas through natural regeneration of trees is in danger. Felted hair embodies
this textured and interlaced ecosystem. Looking carefully, the viewer can also see geometric holes in the hair
fabric, symbolizing threat from humans and modern industry.  

Regeneration by Jenni Tarrant

Fire can be the queen of natural regeneration, as symbolized by the gold jewelry in this image, but climate
change is increasing the risk of bushfires. The hair's plaiting and placement show an intermingling
of the environment, living beings, and property all fighting together, surging forward, and held back. 

Regeneration by Jenni Tarrant

This look is an artistic interpretation of the air we breathe. The bodice form is exquisitely woven with hair for pure
air, smokey air, and polluted air surrounding the lungs and vital organs of us all. To survive we need pure air and we
must grab onto it with both hands.

Regeneration by Jenni Tarrant

This image represents ‘Gaia’ or ‘mother of the earth.’ Natural hair has been spun into strands of string, which
have been woven together. Many individuals and groups are also coming together to tackle the issue of environmental
destruction in the same way. Each strand has been created into a dream weaver shape to suggest hope and true
regeneration under the wisdom of Mother Earth. 

Regeneration by Jenni Tarrant

Few natural delights can equal the visual majesty of healthy coral. This look reconstructs these stunning natural shapes
using hair while highlighting the discoloration and sickness facing our coral reefs.

Regeneration by Jenni Tarrant

This look focuses on the environmental stresses of drought and salinity in the Australian outback. Painted hair sculpted
into undulating forms and dark twisted tendrils represent cracks in the earth, exposing the tragedy and beauty of our
drought-affected landscape.  


Hair Artist: Jenni Tarrant
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Leah Preston 

Shaun Pollard | Mitchell Biles | Leah Preston
Jake Quinlan, &  Jules Tarrant.

Kurt Anniss 

Graphic Artist
Nathan Barton
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