Product Roundup

Every year our editorial team scours the pro-only trade show floor at Cosmoprof to find the latest hair and beauty product launches and trends. This year record numbers of exhibitors from all over the world turned out to showcase new, best-selling and up-and-coming products to the U.S. market. Take a look at some of the new launches, product and tool trends, and fab finds that will be available in 2017 and beyond.

Oils & Oil-Enriched Products

Hair health is one of the top concerns among today's beauty conscious women. That explains why more are opting for products that offer the nourishing benefits of natural oils. This trend has been expanding readily over recent years with increased offerings with hair care products that are enriched with lush oils. 

Abyssian haircare is a sustainable solution to repair, protect and soften hair, restoring its natural healthy glow. Designed for dry, damaged and frizzy hair, all six products in the cleansing and conditioning line are enriched with Abyssinian oil. This Mediterranean seed oil promotes regeneration, shine and moisturizing properties. 

Nairian Hair Serum offers nourishing, volumizing and strengthening properties. This serum is made with Jojoba, Rosehip Seed, Sea Buckthorn and Pomegranate oils - A powerful combination of natural ingredients that treats dry and damaged hair, soothes the scalp, and combats dandruff. Nairian creates premium products using essential oils and other ingredients sourced locally from Armenia’s highlands.

The Aura Oil line by T-Lab Professional offers luxury hair smoothness and natural beauty. Essential oil treatment technology transforms hair, returning softness, silkiness and a healthy shine. Enriched with various oils including Macadamia, Argan and Jojoba, this formula also protects against environmental influences.

Men’s Market

The recent men’s market has been embracing the old-fashioned barbershop approach to men’s grooming, so it’s no surprise to see more products and tools popping up from new and established manufacturers. These new male-oriented products offer the best of the past and the promise of the future using technology and new formulas to obtain today’s classic and cutting edge looks.

With a tagline of “Real Tools for the Beauty of Men,” Depot Male Tools is an Italian line of men’s grooming and hair styling and care products that comes in sophisticated yet simple packaging. This line revisits the original formulas of classic men’s grooming treatments, with modern and technologically advanced reinterpretations. 

Big Boy Soothing Drops, a best-seller with this Sicilian line, is a treatment for skin under the beard and as an aftershave. This fluid emulsion is best used on the skin after cleansing and/or shaving. It contains Argan and Sweet Almond Oils, as well as Calendula extract, which is considered to be a natural remedy against skin irritation.

Part of a long line of products that are manufactured in Bogota, Colombia, Rolda Dry-Matte Styling Gel is formulated with coffee extracts to tone up and strengthen the hair. It offers a medium, long lasting but non-sticky hold and the ideal finish with a subtle masculine fragrance. 

Vegan, Cruelty Free

More and more manufacturers are proudly offering products that are vegan and or skip testing on animals. 

The Vegan line by Inoar has no ingredients of animal origin and was created to celebrate this attitude. Products in the Inoar Vegan line are formulated using vegetable oils, such as coconut and olive oil, that penetrate deep into the hair fibers, caring for your hair with maximum performance and respect for animals.

Hot Tresses is a three-product hair care system that promotes healthier, thicker, stronger, and smoother hair without the use of unhealthy chemicals. It combines organic botanical ingredients with absorbable vegan proteins and selected vitamin supplements. This trio is also designed to lessen the need for heat styling, which is better for hair health. In addition to being vegan, this Australian-born line is not tested on animals and subsequently has been listed on Truly Cruelty Free’s global site, PETA

Texture Worthy

With more men and women embracing their natural texture, and the surge in numbers of people with textured tresses, we will continue to witness more and more texture-friendly product offerings into the expanding market. 

One of two lines by CoCo Conscious, Curly Concoctions is a comprehensive styling solution for naturally thick, curly, and coily hair that restores and refines elasticity and texture. Using an amino acid complex and a unique blend of botanical extracts, each product fortifies strands for maximum curl definition and long lasting bounce.

A best seller, Curly Magic by Uncle Funky’s Daughter offers super-curl muscle in an aloe-based, firm hold curl enhancing gel. Curls become more defined and manageable with a nourished shine. Curly Magic tames frizz, elongates curls and adds moisture all in one product. This texture friendly line offers sustainable, chemical-free hair care products to a blossoming curly hair market. 

Heat resistant IntelliWave bristles feature ultra-soft polytips that help the TxturePro Detangler brush by Wet Brush glide smoothly through hair. No more snagging and tugging while minimizing aggravation on sensitive scalps and hair shedding into the brush. This versatile texture-friendly brush can be used to detangle, blow dry and smooth all hair types up to 4C. 

Tools Take a Detour

Many tool lines are opting for hybrid or two-in-one offerings, making styling for hair quicker, safer and even more efficient.

The professional Agave Vapor Iron smoothes, heals and transforms unmanageable, frizzy hair. It allows you to straighten, wave, or curl hair quickly and efficiently with no breakage and damage. Infrared heat energy from the NanoIonic iron plates helps seal in essential moisture from the Vapor Infusion, eliminating frizz and split ends.  

Designed for busy women with little time to primp, Dafni's new hair straightening brush, incorporates advanced hair care technologies, ensuring easy, safe and fast results. Simply brush hair to smooth and straighten in minutes. No need to section, clip or pin hair. Safe for daily use, it was developed to operate at the recommended temperature of 185˚C / 365˚F and maintains constant heat for even styling. 

Unique Finds

And for all of the other products that we're simply not sure how to categorize but are deserving of a nod, here are some of our picks for Unique Finds.

Eva-NYC purse perfect hair towelettes are soft, serum-infused wipes that tame frizz and flyaways, add radiant shine and refresh on-the-go. Argan oil feeds hair with vitamins and nutrients, while Vitamin C and fatty acids enhance shine, nourish and repair. Perfect for travel, the gym, and festivals – keep your mane tame when life moves at top speed. Hair is left smooth, glossy and refreshed.

Cherry Blooms Fiber Brow is a proprietary blend of natural fibers and smooth clay powder, which acts like instant 3D brows. You don’t have to have eyebrow hairs for our Fiber Brow to work. It’s a semi-permanent formula that won’t fade or absorb into the skin. It’s also sweat proof and splash proof.

As seen on the Runway at New York, Miami and LA Fashion week Style The Runway products are used by some of the top editorial stylists in North America. The line consists of 11 intermixable styling products for every need.