Pretty in Punk

Papas-Pace_Pretty in PunkThis two-toned coif pulls together forward-swept layers on top, a dark-tipped fringe, and a hardline of disconnection with an ultra-close clipper cut underneath. With color by Justin Pace and cut and styling by Dmitri Papas– this look is fun and edgy with a new sense of punk-inspired drama.

Collective by Steven Smart
Papas & Pace Headshots

Hairstylist  |  Dmitri Papas
Hair Colorist  |  Justin Pace
Makeup  |  Lan Nguyen
Wardrobe  |  Jamie Russell
Photography  |  John Rawson
Model  |  Molly M.

2019 Australian Hair Expo Awards Winners
Salon Team of the Year  |  Papas and Pace
Colour Technician of the Year   |  Justin Pace 
Master Cutter of the Year  |  Dmitri Papas

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