Vivids Crystals

From the creative force behind Vivids comes an all-new collection: Vivids Crystals, six-dimensional, on-trend shades inspired by healing crystals. Vivids Crystals are pigmented to reflect consistent, saturated tonal value, making it easy to achieve a prismatic look while applying just one shade on levels 7 through 10. No need to custom-mix to accommodate for the differences in levels on one client.

With the mounting crystal trend fueled by celebrities and influencers, it’s time the hair industry has an opportunity to experience its own crystal moment, and who better than the originators of Vivids to be the ones to start it!

Pravana’s focus in developing the new collection was to recreate the multi-dimensional qualities found in actual crystals while also bringing trend-forward, white space shades to the market, ultimately resulting in this six-piece collection of prismatic colors that reflect a true tone on levels 7 through 10 on the same head of hair. To develop Vivids Crystals, Pravana’s Product Development team dove head first into all forms of beauty, fashion and more, as well as trend forecasting, to identify the color trends coming down the pipeline. There’s no coincidence that there’s a Vivids Purple Tourmaline shade launching the same time UltraViolet is named Pantone Color of the Year! Plus, with the ability to apply one color from one tubeon clients with varying levelsbetween 7-10 without having to custom-mix, stylists can save time and money while still achieving beautiful creative colors!  

Model images by Pravana Collective and hair artist Kayla Boyer