Ponytail Set

Easy Hair Hack by Industry Pro

When styling your hair to create beautiful waves, how many times have you burned your neck with a curling iron? According to Sam Villa co-founder of Sam Villa and Redken Global Artistic Ambassador, it's a common problem and he has just the trick to prevent it. This simple hair hack can be used at home to create full texture with a more controlled crown. It's all done without the danger of burning because the iron is not used anywhere near your neck. You're welcome!


Ponytail Set How-to

1. Secure hair into a ponytail at mid crown with a bungee, it disturbs hair far less when being removed.

2. Working with random sections in various directions, spray Redken iron shape 11 into hair for thermal protection and lasting style.

3. Use the Sam Villa Signature Series 1" Professional Curling Iron and wrap hair around the barrel and hold.  Continue until entire ponytail is curled.  Using different wrapping techniques will create a multi-textured finish.

4. Remove bungee, let the hair fall and shake head. 

5. Finish by spraying Redken fashion work 12 into hands and working through texture for soft control without the crunch.  Don’t use a brush; it will create too much expansion.

6. The result creates pain-free full curls with less volume at the crown.