Origen Collection

The collection “Origen” is inspired by the work of Charles Demuth and figurative preciousness of the 20s, characterized by the pursuit of purity and clarity of form and volume. It's a versatile collection and at the same time commercial, both the simplicity of the cuts as the potential of the technique and color collection. 

The Influence

Precisionism was the first indigenous modern-art movement in the United States and an early American contribution to the rise of Modernism. The Precisionist style, which first emerged after World War I and was at the height of its popularity during the 1920s and early 1930s, celebrated the new American landscape of skyscrapers, bridges, and factories in a form that has also been called "Cubist-Realism." The term "Precisionism" was first coined in the mid-1920s, possibly by Museum of Modern Art director Alfred H. Barr. Painters working in this style were also known as the "Immaculates," which was the more commonly used term at the time. The stiffness of both art-historical labels suggests the difficulties contemporary critics had in attempting to characterize these artists. 

Hair: Jose Antonio Chamborro & Lagasca Team  • Makeup: María García • Stylist: Eunnis Mesa • Photographer: David Arnal • Videoclip: Germán de la hoz