Hair artist Danny Pato tapped some of the movements and obsessions of the '60s, from pop art and fashion to architecture, and mixed it with space travel, new wave, and rebellion—but he reimagined it all for today. The hair in his collection is high-contrast black and white set against a monochromatic palette. He took a long bob (lob) and gave it shattered layers of black and white and created finger-waves with a finger-like illusion. For a shorter haircut, he made disconnected layers that integrate and provide a choppy effect. In another look, Pato produced long pin-straight hair with half-and-half black and white offset by playful polka dots while voluminous curly hair and a sleek bowl cut is contrasted with long, structured panels. 

Danny Pato

Danny Pato

Danny Pato

Hair | Danny Pato
Producer | Ryland Wood 
Makeup | Kiekie Stanners
Wardrobe | Danny Pato & Rachel Morton
Photography | Mara Sommer

Models | Jenna Watermeyer • Lydiaya Grace
Ellay Wong • Lauren Keeline 

Products | Davines

D&M Hair Design

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