Which Classic Haircut is Right for You?
In many ways the ‘90s are back. However, trends for hair take a timeless approach. Think George Michael’s 1990 Freedom video by iconic photographer Peter Lindbergh - a lineup of supermodels vamping in men’s classic white dress shirts. Each brought their own distinct look to the visuals and made us all want to be them. That same iconic beauty is carried forward by hair artists Gloria and Anthony Edge with their ONE collection – where they focus on the eight classic hairstyles that every hairdresser should know intimately.

Edge AcademyInspiration: Naomi Campbell 

This one-length look is perfect for anyone who wants to maintain length and wishes to make a bold statement. Classic and middle-parted, the hair is styled eliminating movement with a sleek finish. 

Style it: Depending on hair texture, this look can be styled by using a smoothing lotion and a flat iron or volumized to enhance fullness using a volume spray. Either way, a heat protectant is a must.

Is it for you? This cut is great for fine, thin hair to maximize density. The cut is Ideal for black or dark hair or white blonde hair but is not best for multi-dimensional color or hair with lots of highlights or balayage.

Edge AcademyInspiration: Claudia Schiffer  

A timeless face-framing look for anyone with fine, thin to normal hair density. It’s extremely versatile and can be worn with a middle part or parted to the side for instant volume. This is the go-to haircut for many professional models as the possibility with styling is endless. 

Style it: Add lift at the root with a volumizer of choice and coax soft body through the length by rolling hair slighting under while blow-drying. 

Is it for you? This look is not recommended for coarse, ultra-thick curly or wavy hair above the shoulder or anyone with a square or round face shape, as this would create undesirable, unflattering weight-line which adds width to face. However, it may work wonders for those with longer or heart-shaped faces.

Edge AcademyInspiration: Cindy Crawford 

This hairstyle is today’s “IT” look for many reasons – these long, seamless and inverted layers are effortless, airy, with lots of movement and full of body. This sexy style wears well for all and its longer and swoopy curtain-style bangs bring attention to facial features. 

Style it: Hot rollers have been making a major comeback, creating additional body and movement. Usually less product is more in order to maintain volume, but using a finishing cream or lightweight paste to finish the hair is a great way to add shine and create a more touchable style without hairspray.

Is it for you? Perfect for balayage, ombres; as well as brunettes and reds. 

Edge AcademyInspiration: Helena Christensen 

The shag can be worn “softer” and offer a very bohemian, beachy, or 70s appeal, or go more “edgy” with a grungy or rock ‘n roll vibe. It all comes down to a variation in the cut at the top of the head. This piecey look with lots of movement is very fun, youthful and looks amazing with short fringe or longer curtain-style bangs. This square layer cut is a close relative of the mullet and the very recently coined wolf cut.

Style it: Apply curl lotion, diffuse or simply let it air dry, then take a few random pieces to create more texture and style with paste. 

Is it for you? This is a style for those who like to experiment with their hair and great for those full of personality. It’s amazing for those with wavy hair, but not so much those with pin-straight hair.

Edge AcademyInspiration: Nadja Auermann 

The box bob is one of the most iconic and recognizable haircuts of all time. It was made popular by Victoria Beckham in the early 2000s and has now made a huge come back with Netflix’s cult hit The Queen’s Gambit.

Style it: Depending on hair texture, use either smoothing serum or lightweight styling lotion for control and shine and blow dry rolling the ends under.

Is it for you? This haircut is suitable for normal to fine hair. For those with thicker hair, it is recommended to add layers or have an undercut to remove weight. 

Edge AcademyInspiration: Shalom Harlow 

The graduated bob can be worn at many lengths and textures, depending on what’s best for your head and face shape. This precision cut can be personalized with layers for textured hair or razor cut to create softness and face-framing. 

Style it: For a smooth look, add control and soft shine with styling lotion.

Is it for you? Ideal for normal to fine hair. This is a great cut to pair with today’s color-block trend.

Edge AcademyInspiration: Christy Turlington 

The pixie is a short but highly feminine hairstyle that’s great for almond, oval, or heart shape faces. Think Winona Ryder, Audrey Hepburn, Anne Hathaway, etc. . Leaving the top longer for more movement, adding more texture to create movement. 

Style it: With the right product paired according to cut and texture of hair, this is for a woman who has found her signature style and who exude confidence and youthfulness.

Is it for you? It’s ideal for all ages and all styles. 

Edge AcademyInspiration: Linda Evangelista 

A short crop is a confident hairstyle that is strong, bold, and non-binary. Think Grace Jones, Whitney Houston, Hallie Berry, Demi Moore, Halsey, Linda Evangelista.

Style it: Styling paste is a great place to start when playing with your new look, but experiment with different products to get the finish you like best.

Is it for you? It’s great for hair with lots of texture and those who desire a striking shape.

Anna Barroca Hairstylist

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Hair | Gloria Edge & Anthony Edge – Edge Academy
Makeup | Jessica Varela
Photographer | Natalie Warr 

Supermodel imagery courtesy of Instagram and Pinterest

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