New Luxury Digs

Luxury Brand Partners, the company behind beauty brands including Oribe, R+Co, Smith & Cult, IGK, V76 by Vaughn, and Pulp Riot have moved to the architecturally renowned offices at the City View Garage in the Miami Design District. Before the move, the company was spread out across five offices in the district. Due to accelerated growth and an influx of company talent relocating to Miami, Luxury Brand Partners is now the largest employer in the Miami Design District and will be occupying the entire building, consisting of 20,000-square-feet of office space.

 Formerly headquartered in New York City, Luxury Brand Partners moved their central office from New York to Miami seven years ago. The company quickly realized that they needed additional space and therefore strategically chose the Miami Design District.

Luxury Brand Partners New Luxury Digs

“Early on we realized the potential of the Design District and were one of the first companies outside of the design industry to be heavily rooted in this incredible neighborhood,” says Tev Finger, CEO of Luxury Brand Partners. “Miami as a city and the Design District are congruent with who we are and what we do—a very young but fast-moving company steeped in luxury, artistry, and creativity.”

The new headquarters was designed by Berenblum Busch Architects (BBA), who took inspiration from the neighborhood and the company’s products to bring the vision to life. In addition to four floors of office space housing more than 150 desks, Luxury Brand Partners will have an entire level for the ‘LBP Social Club.’ This employee lounge offers plush couches, a massage and treatment room with an on-site masseuse and hairstylist, and a full-access kitchen where fresh and healthy breakfast and lunch are served daily. Employees enter the office using a high-tech keyless entry via an app on their smartphones. The ground floor of the building will feature the Bay Area’s Blue Bottle Coffee Company, Orangetheory, Ahana Yoga, and lifestyle fashion stores. 

Luxury Brand Partners New Luxury Digs

Innovative real estate developer Dacra is the creative force behind the development of the Miami Design District. The City View Garage is a part of this sweeping development which features three unique visions on its façade commissioned by Miami Design District Associates (MDDA).  Between the architectural firm Leong Leong’s shimmering titanium-coated stainless-steel façade and IwamotoScott’s undulating generative aluminum façade – where LBP’s offices are located – lies a permanent site-specific art installation by Southern California based artist John Baldessari titled Fun (Part 1), facing south, and Fun (Part 2), facing north.

Dacra CEO and President Craig Robins has worked closely with Luxury Brand Partners to ensure that the Miami Design District is an incredible place for people to work, live and play.

“Craig and Dacra have been great partners throughout this entire process,” adds Tev. “The new space will help us continue to foster our team’s dynamic and entrepreneurial culture and nurture our team’s extraordinary talents. We’re looking forward to our new home in the district.” 

Luxury Brand Partners New Luxury Digs

Interior Photos by Ra-Haus