Naturally by Kew

Naturally by Kew
Introducing Naturally by Kew, a natural haircare brand that fuses high-performance haircare science with the power of botanicals. The natural products perform without compromise on both the experience and end result delivering beautiful hair that looks and feels great, as well as having a positive impact on the planet.

The range is packed with seven products, each using Organic Green Tea or Safflower oil as the main active ingredients. In development for over two years, the natural products were born from a desire to find the best, and most sustainable, natural ingredients that would also offer high performance on their hair. And yet, not all-natural ingredients are equal – which is why a partnership with Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew sets the brand apart.


A true collaboration between hair and plant science, the concept for the products was developed by Dr. Susanne Will, founder of Naturally by Kew who identified the need for a set of products that cater to different customer needs – products that are purifying, packed with antioxidants, nourishing or that focus on damage repair. The scientists at RBG Kew used their centuries of plant science knowledge, and cutting-edge technology, to help select the most powerful plants to use in the formulas. This resulted in the identification of Green Tea and Safflower as the hero ingredients naturally by Kew’s formulations. Each product has been subject to rigorous quality and safety tests, to ensure the highest standards for you and your hair.

Green Tea is known for its antioxidant properties, but the quality and strength can vary hugely, leading the scientists at RBG Kew to screen over 40 varieties to identify the most impactful in the formula, helping to protect against external stressors such as pollution and sunlight.

Safflower was chosen for its unique ability to penetrate the hair shaft, delivering deep moisturization while also leaving a delicate sheen on the outside of the hair for smoothness that doesn’t weigh the hair down. Sourced from the Netherlands, Safflower is a forgotten crop of significant importance (given human consumption suitability).

Packaging for the naturally by Kew range has been crafted with the same ethos as the formulas, with responsible beauty at its heart. All fully reusable or recyclable, the products are housed in either aluminum or glass, and you can choose to purchase with or without the pump so that you can reuse your original, rather than buy a new one each time. Each purchase is shipped in recycled craft cartons which are 100% biodegradable and come with seed paper so that the box can be transformed into a gorgeous planter. 


Made up of seven products (each including Safflower oil or Green Tea), users can freely mix and match, depending on what their hair needs most.

Purifying Essence Green Tea Shampoo

A deep yet mild cleanse for the scalp and hair, perfect for healthy or slightly damaged hair. Like all of naturally by Kew’s shampoos, it is formulated with just the right amount of foaming for a gentle cleanse that leaves the hair feeling soft.

Nutritive Elixir Green Tea Shampoo

Designed for damaged or dry hair, this shampoo combines cleansing action with a natural detangler to give the hair a little more slip for an extra moisturized, smooth feel.

Perfecting Balm

Beautifully nourishing, this versatile balm packs a powerful punch of moisture thanks to the combination of Safflower oil and antioxidative Green Tea. It can be used on wet or dry hair to style or finish, and once applied, rub any excess into hands for a moisture boost. 

Delicate Emulsion Safflower Conditioner

A super lightweight conditioner for healthy or slightly damaged hair, transforming tresses with touchable softness and no unwanted coating.

Healing Nectar Safflower Conditioner

Damaged or dry hair will soak up the nourishment of Safflower oil in this formula designed to heal the signs of damage and leave a touch of extra smoothness and extra swing in the hair without any heaviness.

Complete Safflower Mask 

A once a week treat for when your hair feels brittle or parched and you need an extra shot of deep moisturization and nourishment.

Finisher Oil 

Use after styling to give hair a natural sheen and tame fuzzy strays. The Safflower oil penetrates the hair fiber to help strengthen from within, as well as leaving a subtle shine and smoothness on the surface to smooth and enhance your hair’s natural bounce.