Mid-Age Hair Perceptions

Ever wonder how our hair care needs, goals and purchasing preferences shift as we mature? In a recent survey, 1,000 women ages 30-60 were asked about their hair care needs and goals. And, based on the results, it appears that one size does not fit all.

It turns out that hair overwhelmingly influences the way women in this age range feel about themselves. In the study titled, HairRx Middle-Aged Hair Care Report nearly 80% of those who participated admitted to having their personal outlook influenced by their hair. Women also have distinct hair goals, enjoy the scent of their products, expect their hair to boost confidence, and prefer customized hair care solutions.

The report revealed:

  • Scent is a priority, with about 83% stating that scent is either somewhat important or very important to them
  • 61% preferred to buy shampoos and conditioners that are customized for their specific hair care goals
  • More than 50% said they spend less than 15 minutes a day on their hair
  • Most admit they are not happy with their hair
  • Nearly 80% indicated that their hair can influence the way that they feel about themselves

When it came to addressing what each woman wanted to achieve with their locks, the top-five categories were strengthening, taming frizz, protecting color, reducing dryness, and increasing volume.

About 80% of women polled count on their hair to improve the way that they feel about themselves:

The Majority of women spend 15 minutes or less on their hair every day.61% of women polled would prefer to buy shampoos and conditioners that are customized to address their personal hair care goals. 22% didn't know they could get customized hair care products. 

83% say that scent is considered when purchasing shampoos and conditioners in that group 38% say the scent is very important.

While 32% of women surveyed say they adore their hair, the majority are not satisfied.

68% of women are only happy with their hair sometimes or wish they had someone else's hair altogether.