Mauli Grow Strong Hair Oil

Hair is impacted by pollution, stress, age, thinning, graying, and even a build-up of quick-fix styling products. Just as we rely on daily moisturizers for skin, the people of India count on nourishing oils to protect, maintain, and help strengthen the scalp and the roots, which results in the thick, glossy hair for which they are known.

Mauli Grow Strong Hair Oil combines refined Ayurvedic elixirs to activate follicles at a cellular level helping to reconstruct, protect, and deliver intense hydration. Formulated in England, herbs of thickening bhringraj, rejuvenating bhrami, and conditioning amla are individually infused in a base of nutrient-rich moringa, flame of the forest, argan, sesame, and coconut oils. Hand-blended using traditional Ayurvedic methods, the oils and herbs are separately heated at their various optimal temperatures. They are then cooled and reheated several times over eight to twelve weeks to ensure that the blends mature and infuse. Himalayan cedarwood and turmeric leaf are added and further left to settle. The powerful ingredients and ancient blending method combine to offer lack-luster hair strength and vitality. 

Apply 2-3 drops along sections of brushed, parted hair and massage in to distribute throughout the roots and scalp. Work a small amount of oil through the ends. Allow to absorb into your hair and scalp for at least two hours and then wash as you normally would. Use twice weekly as a deep treatment for the first six weeks and weekly thereafter, as regular treatment helps reduce premature thinning, adds thickness, softness, and shine.