Electric Sessions Pop Up

The first Electric Sessions pop up was held in San Diego on January 23, 2018. With a full house of hair experts and industry influencers in attendance, three British greats presented the night to rave reviews.

The event was organized by Electric Founder and International Creative Director Mark Woolley. He was joined on stage by educator DJ Muldoon from The Factory and creative director Anthony Edge from Edge74. The evening event enabled the audience to interact with the stylists as they presented their signature looks live on stage.

The intimate hair seminar was hosted at the Shakespeare Pub & Grill, which was the ideal venue to get that British vibe flowing throughout the night.

“I host Electric Sessions each month in the U.K. and it’s my plan to take them on the road globally. I want to invite my hairdresser friends from across the world to get involved and share their skills and knowledge in a cool, intimate setting.  Each of us has a unique style but we all have the same passion for our craft and the industry. This night was about education but in a unique way so that the guests could get involved, ask us questions, and really get to know what makes us all tick.  We had great models, an enthusiastic audience, and a great team presenting.”

Mark Woolley, Electric

Mark Woolley is a multi-award-winning hair stylist, founder, international creative director and the driving force behind the exclusive British brand, Electric.  As one of the most respected figures within the hairdressing industry, Mark’s work regularly appears in leading international publications and is in demand across the globe for his creativity and entrepreneurial expertise. Mark shares his time between the UK, USA, Europe and the Far East promoting his hair knowledge and professional hair product range.

DJ Muldoon, The Factory

DJ started his career in 1994, he quickly became one of Vidal Sassoon’s most sought-after educators. Known for creating hair cutting systems and curriculum’s, becoming a global platform artist and producing ‘step by step’ video education. DJ is one the world’s most sought-after industry teachers because of his no fluff approach and ability to break down the what, why, how, and when in haircutting. He believes that ‘Knowledge Destroys Fear’ and he is proud to represent the hairdresser as an independent artist.

Anthony Edge, Edge74

Anthony is known for his hardworking, original and quirky personality and skills.  Passionate about education and sharing his ideas with fellow hairdressers, he’s traveled over 50 countries sharing his skills and expertise and has become a renowned image maker, trendsetter, and motivator.  His session work has seen him work with UK and USA A-Listers that reads like a who’s who of trend.