Maria's '90s Appeal

For the 2022 MTV Awards, actress Maria Bakalova took the carpet by storm in a stunning hairstyle created by celebrity hairstylist and Aquage Brand Ambassador Laura Polko! Maria’s MTV Awards look was very Dolce & Gabbana, Claudia Schiffer inspired. Here’s how this celebrity stylist completed the looks with a fluffy '90s-inspired hairstyle.

Maria Bakalova


To prep the hair, Laura Polko applied Aquage Uplifting Foam all over, taking small sections, and placing Maria’s hair into medium-sized Velcro rollers to begin shaping a curl.

 In the fringe, the strands were directed forward with smaller Velcro rollers, rolling towards Maria’s face and directing the rest back for volume. Polko points out that this technique provides a great fluffy ‘90s bang.

 When the rollers were removed, Polko sprayed the hair all over using the Aquage Spray Wax from about a foot away to provide an even mist then sections were backcombed so there was a ton of volume.

 The hairstyle began to take shape as Polko twisted the back up like a French twist, leaving ends out to deliver a piecey look.

 The ends were rolled under so each section looked as if they just fell into place, but in reality, things stayed secure thanks to a combination of Aquage Freezing Spray and several pins.

 Last, Polko tousled the fringe to the side for a final look that was messy, cool, and full of volume and texture.  

Images courtesy of Instagram.