Male Evolution Makeover

As Chicago's top eco-friendly, sustainable, and cruelty-free salon space, Boss Hair Group presents a hairstyling progression with three different on-trend looks going from long to short for their client Matthew. 

Before: This long, frizzy and unmanageable hair was slightly damaged from pollutants and natural elements. 

The first look is an easy and wearable "mob" or man bob by Boss hairstylist Anna Jackson. This slightly gradated and long layered style makes it easy to pull back for Matthew while he works out. This look was styled using Day Of Grace styling spray mixed with Liquid Rollers to accentuate his natural curl pattern. Anna diffuse-dried his hair about halfway and then left it to air dry the rest of the way.

Male Evolution MakeoverFor a second look, Anna cut the length shorter, giving Matthew a modern shag with varying layers for a more interesting and wearable look. This versatile cut can be worn slicked back or tousled, depending on what products are used. Anna opted for a more playful and textured approach, cocktailing Liquid Rollers with Casual Act styling whip to define textured pierces while keeping the curl.

Anna takes Matthew's hair even shorter for a third loo by creating a clean fade. She blended the sides and back into a longer top for the ultimate modern crop haircut. The tapered and faded sides create a clean, crisp, sharp edge while the length on top remains for the ultimate versatility in styling. She opted to slick the top back with Crop Strutter paste to hold the hair in place and finished the look with Love Touch to give a shiny, glass-like finish.

Hair: Anna Jackson for Boss Hair Group
Photography: Field Creatives Chicago