Argan Rich Treatment

Luseta Argan Oil Hair Masque

Ideal for damaged and color treated hair, Luseta Argan Oil Hair Masque is a revitalizing hair treatment that fortifies and restores hair to its natural state. This deep treatment is rich in sunflower seed and argan oils, which are both extremely beneficial for hair and scalp.

Sunflower oil offers high levels of Oleic Acid, an Omega 9 acid known to help stimulate natural hair growth. Argan oil contains antioxidant-rich Vitamin E, which helps boost cells and encourages them to produce healthy hair. Argan oil can also act as a moisturizer for the scalp and can promote the growth of healthy, strong hair. It is excellent for taming frizz and promoting shine and gloss, as well as softer, more manageable hair.

Luseta Argan Oil Hair Treatment Masque also uses a balance of hydrolyzed keratin, wheat, soy, and corn proteins to strengthen strands.

Keratin is known to replace the amino acid cysteine, which is lost during chemical processing. During the chemical process the cysteine bridges are broken, resulting in damaged and weakened hair. Hydrolyzed keratin increases the amount of cysteine available to the hair and minimizes damage and increases tensile strength. It also fills in the cracks along damaged areas in the hair shaft, subsequently strengthening the hair, increasing elasticity and volume. Due to its moisture binding capabilities, hydrolyzed keratin protein increases the moisture content in the hair, restoring luster, body, and increasing manageability.

Hydrolyzed wheat protein penetrates the cortex of each strand. It strengthens and moisturizes hair, increasing its ability to receive and maintain moisture. Corn protein offers conditioning and hydrating properties while soy protein increases the ability of the hair to bind moisture. It specifically improves the tensile strength of hair, which enhances hair manageability and improves the body and texture of hair.